During my time as a student and practising musician I have consistently worked in different forms of education. The type of groups and individuals that I teach are all hugely different, and have a huge variety of different educational needs.

I have taught groups as big as 35 and as small as one to one lessons. Age ranges that I have taught are from 4 - 74. And my classes are all tailored around the facility and needs of each particular group.

In 2011 I graduated with a diploma in music workshop skills. This is additional to my personal musical education (I had completed my masters), but was specific to the discipline of pedagogy. In this course I trained and practised how to  structure and lead classes, design curriculum and  most importantly understand the psychology of groups in order to get the most out of each individual - even if the groups are large.

My philosophy as an educator and workshop leader is that my role is to curate a forum that encourages people to learn as a group. The behaviour of people learning is the same, fundamentally, no matter what the capabilities, aims and size of the group.