Labyrinths for string quartet and computer is collaborative work, for which I generated the material algorithmically, using Michael Edwards' Slippery Chicken.



This looks at the ensemble as an acousmatic landscape and considers performance of EI music beyond solo work. Labyrinths demonstrates the most comprehensive effort that I have made to draw together all the theories I have developed during the course of my PhD research.


These three violin pieces (104, Mechanica, and Softly, softly) were formed early on in my research. They explore different ways of generating and presenting material collaboratively. The intricate nature of these works demonstrates how Emma Lloyd and I explored instrumental material as sound objects - looking at different qualities of different notes and how best they could be presented alongside a computer part. Mechanica also contributes to my exploration of algorithmic composition.

IKON - Jess Aslan/Marij van Gorkom

IKON is a collaborative composition for bass clarinet and electronics developed in distance. It's part of Marij's ongoing Sonic Spaces project.

Misc works for instruments and computer

The Confines of light and Shade:  This piece was developed algorithmically using slippery chicken. The piece was commissioned by the Colourscape festival and first performed on 21st September in a Colourscape dome. It demonstrates later use and development of my algorithmic techniques, perceptual translation and dealing with commissions and communication with a patch operator . It also explores performances in unusual venues.

The Augmented Piano:  The Augmented Piano is a work for solo piano and live electronics. By exploring the implicitfeedback of electroacoustic instruments and extended piano technique during composition, this piece explores different forms of interaction between acoustic and digital media.Of im-port to the work is the practice of electroacoustic performance and its current concerns,whichrequired a brief interrogation of audience expectations and the aesthetics of laptop performance.Also,being largely improvisational, The Augmented Piano necessitates a critical engagement withthe nature of spontaneous music, particularly in digital music, in order to successfully advise it.

XYRE: Written for residency at the Highland Connections Project.


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